Vacuum pump repair – get a quotation in 24 hours

West Vacuum provides pump repair of all brands and models, for low and high vacuum applications. The repair is made with original certified spare parts.

At the end of each intervention, we provide the customer with a test certificate, with statement of final vacuum degree, measured with calibrated and certified instruments: Pirani, Piezo/Pirani and hot cathode.

24 hours quotation. Contact us to get a quote.

Repair from 72 hours on the most common models.

In 99% of cases the customer is back to full production in a few days.

Contact us now for a quotation: either by phone or email, we guarantee immediate response and action, to ensure smooth continuation of the activity.


Manufacturers and brands

Some of the brands we repair:

Atlas Copco, Edwards, Stokes, Leybold, Galileo, Busch, Gardner Denver, Alcatel, Italvacuum, Vacuubrand, Kinney, Varian, Balzers, Knf, Becker, Bigiesse, Pedro Gil, Brizio Basi, Pfeiffer, Rietschle, DVP, Robuschi, Travaini, Unozawa, Wigam, Aerzen.


Rental and maintenance

West Vacuum also offers vacuum pumps for rental worldwide, to ensure continuity of production processes during the repair period. Our company is also specialized in maintenance, with systematic checks and original certified spare parts.


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