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West Vacuum is a partner of Anest Iwata, a Japanese company leader in the production of oil-free scroll pumps.

In 1993 in Japan, the company created the world’s first vacuum pump based on “Oil-free scroll” technology. Shortly after, in October of the same year, Anest Iwata obtained the ISO 9002 certification.

Today dry pumps, also called scroll or “oil-free” pumps, are recommended and indicated in industrial applications where high vacuum is required, such as semiconductors, research centers, microscopy, analysis laboratories, mass spectrometers, leak detection and triggering of turbomolecular pumps.

Noiselessness, reduced maintenance, absence of oil vapors in the exhaust, good final vacuum value and low vibrations are the main features of scroll pumps.

West Vacuum offers the sale, maintenance and assistance of Anest Iwata scroll pumps in Italy.