West Vacuum repairs industrial electronic boards and revamps electrical / electronic systems

industrial electronic boards repair


We find issues and restore functionality of electronic boards of industrial equipment. West Vacuum is equipped with cutting-edge electronic laboratory, and technicians with decades of experience, to bring your boards back to life.

Our laboratory can regenerate boards and restore aged systems. We rebuild electronic boards and out-of-production components using microcontroller technologies and rapid prototyping techniques (3D printing).

Our laboratory can reprogram software or firmware of existing boards. In addition to repairs, we can also perform modifications or extensions – to collect data, transmit, or process them, e.g.

West Vacuum can produce printed circuit boards and prototypes, as well as working on microcontroller models.

Our inspections assess the extent of the failure and decide with you how to intervene, finding the most cost-effective and efficient solution. We reserve the right to evaluate the feasibility of the cases submitted.

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  • power supply replacement / recovery
  • component regeneration
  • printed circuit reconstruction
  • replacement of dead components
  • add / restore functionality
  • electronic design
  • engine driver repair
  • electrical / electronic control unit repair
  • PLC and microcontrollers
  • firmware and software reprogramming